From the pause of disappearance

An art project within the framework of Lamspringer September 2014

Under the title From the pause of disappearance from september 4th till september 20th two vacant shops in Lamspringe (out of more than a dozen) will become exhibition venues of contemporary art for two weeks.

Since decades artists in Berlin use the urban vacancy within the framework of so called project spaces or off-spaces to realise their ideas and on the other hand to call attention to social issues such as the rapid and unchecked rental charge development in the central districts and the concurrent rising immigration.

But what is like in rural areas? Where are the differences? Are there similarities?
How can you explain the vacancy in the village centres while at the same time large supermarkets settle on the green field? Can you notice the migration to cities in the daily life of the villagers?

The artist Stephan Halter a former villager of Lamspringe and now living and working in Berlin, invited twelve Berlin based artists coming from different fields of operation to deal with these questions.

Besides a group exhibition of the invited artists there will be a mail art exhibition, where national and international artists are asked to send in small format artworks on the subject of From the pause of disappearance (look for more details on this blog).

This blog will document the exhibition project and accompany it digitally.